The care and the simplicity of mediterranean hospitality

Premium Location and amenities

A quiet corner, a stone's throw from the Piazzetta

In the heart of Capri

Rivivi l'Eden trovato da Diefenbach

Rooms with a view

Feeling at home in Piazzetta Diefenbach won't be hard

Seven elegant rooms with a view on Marina Grande

Piazzetta Diefenbach combines the amenities and details of a luxury hotel with the discretion and attention of a boutique hotel plus an extraordinary position by Capri's Piazzetta. Each room is dedicated to those who called Capri home, for a few days or for a lifetime, just like the painter Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach who found his Eden in Capri; This is exactly how we wish our guests to feel. The boutique hotel is located within a one-minute walk from the world-famous Piazzetta, where movie stars, tourists, royals and locals meet for a coffee.

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